Living in the Information Age, our minds are constantly saturated with print. Graphics appeal to our senses as it involves messaging through designs. Cue the importance of infographics, complex information presented in an easy-to-understand format using images, text, data, and design. Infographics are not new. We have been communicating through graphs and images for years. The difference now is considering the amount of information we have to consume; the easier it is communicated, the more likely we will read it. Infographics involve a multi-layer approach to communication and there are many ways to incorporate them into the classroom.

As educators, we may see the value of teaching students how to read and create their own infographics but we may not know where to begin. ICTI-260, Infographics for Teaching and Learning, takes you step-by-step through the process of becoming familiar with infographics in order to use them effectively in your classroom. Through this course, an expert facilitator guides you in how to make infographics, how to use them as a resource, how to engage students with them, and illustrates the best way to incorporate infographics into a standards-based lesson.

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