Students come to us with a variety of learning styles and abilities. In our ICTI-180: Accessibility in the Digital Classroom course you will learn effective strategies and best practices for making your digital classroom accessible to all students.

What is accessibility? “The creation of accessible digital content is all about thinking from the perspective of the learner and ensuring that each learner can engage with the meaningful elements of that content” (ICTI-180).

Just think of it like this…
You’re attending a professional development session, and unfortunately you arrive a bit late so you take a seat in the back. Unfortunately, you realize the speaker is a bit soft spoken and there’s no mic. To make matters worse, the slides are filled with words that you cannot quite make out. When you leave that workshop, how you do you feel? Did you have the same experience as those who sat in the very front? This level of frustration you experienced in the workshop is common to students who find materials inaccessible.

The course allows participants to experience scenarios that many students may face on an everyday basis. For example, the photograph below is a simulation of how a student with colorblindness may perceive a math worksheet:

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