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Guided Tour

The Guided Tour is a good starting point for gaining an overview of Transana. It is a web page that introduces you to Transana and how it handles transcription, videos, keywords, analysis, and collaboration.


These ScreenCasts are flash files created by the Transana creators, to quickly introduce you to Transana. You will learn how to add videos, transcribe, link the transcription to the videos with Time Codes, and creating Clips for analysis.

Introduction to Transana – How to start Transana, the Transana main screen.
Adding your First Video – How to add your video to Transana for analysis.
Transcription with Transana – How to transcribe video with Transana.
Inserting Time Codes – How to insert Time Codes with Transana, linking the transcript and the video.
Creating Clips – Different kinds of Clips, and how to creating them in Transana. Also includes creating Keywords and Collections.


The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is a great place to find answers to many of your beginning questions about Transana.

The Right Fit

Below are links to webpages that will help you decide how to create and prepare video for use in Transana and which version of Transana is right for you and your project needs.

Video and Audio Formats About some of the different available formats.
Preparing Video for Transana Read more about optimal video formats, and how to get your video read for Transana.
How to Capture Video Read this description of capturing video using Vegas Video on Windows to learn about the steps in the process, even if you will be using different software.
An Experiment with Voice Recognition This article shows the results of one Transana user’s attempt to use Voice Recognition software to produce verbatim transcripts.
About the Multi-User Version This article explains the difference between the single- and the multi-user version.
Multi-User Setup Guide, version 2.40 This set of pages provides an in-depth explanation of how to get Transana-MU, version 2.40 and later up and running.
Using Transana in a Computer Lab Procedures for using Transana in this situation.
Data Migration Learn how to move your data safely from version 1.2x to version 2.x.

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Transana Guide

This website will answer the most basic questions you have about the Transana software, such as, What is it? Will it work on my machine? Why should I use it? Be sure to also visit the FAQ page.

Download Transana Shortcuts Guide [PDF, 66KB]

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