Learning Tracks

iOS Badge iPad and iOS Learning Track

The iPad learning track is the staple of the iteach program. In this track you will learn all about the iPad, how to integrate it into your curriculum, and how to develop content optimized for the iPad. You will be able to locate and integrate subject specific apps into your lesson plans, adapt previous learning material to be experienced on the iPad, and how to optimize your iPad for the classroom environment.

  • Workshops:
  • Creating an Epub (Required)
  • iPad Overview/Accessibitliy (Required)
  • Content Creation: iMovie/GarageBand (Required)
  • Apps, Apps, Apps!! – Apps SmackDown


Multimedia Badge Multimedia Learning Track

The multimedia learning track focus on creating high quality digital materials for the classroom. This track will explore the various uses of video in the classroom. You will also learn how to create high quality audio for digital stories and videos. And finally the track shows you how to create high quality imagery that can be used in your portfolio, video, or classroom curriculum materials.

  • Workshops:
  • Movie Making Concepts (Required)
  • iMovie Introduction or Movie Maker Introduction (Required)
  • Cool Tricks for Video (Required)
  • Audio/Images


web 2.0 BadgeWeb 2.0 Learning Track

This learning track will provide you with the skills necessary to integrate collaborative web technologies into your classroom. Web 2.0 tools allow you to accomplish many productivity and creativity tasks without having to buy expensive software.

  • Workshops:
  • Using Collaboration Tools in the Classroom (Required)
  • Apps for Digital Creation/Productivity (Required)
  • Ethics/Copyright (Required)
  • Curriculum Based Apps
  • Social Networking for the Classroom


Inclusive Design Badge Inclusive Design Learning Track

This track will provide you with the tools you need to successfully include all learners in the curriculum regardless of ability. You will learn about the new tools available on your devices that will allow you to easily include diverse learners in your classroom through universal design.

  • Workshops:
  • UDL Overview/Purposes of Accessibility (Required)
  • iOS Accessibility (Required)
  • Microsoft Accessibility or OS X Accessibility (Required)
  • Digital Media Design and Accessibility Tips


Smart Board Badge SmartBoard: Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboards are available in many school libraries and classrooms. This track will provide you with skills to effectively integrate the SMART board into your classroom curriculum. You will also learn how to create, find, and repurpose presentations for the SMART Board interactive system.

  • Workshops:
  • SMART Board Introduction (Required)
  • MS Office and SMART INK (Required)
  • Design Elements (Required)
  • Advanced SMART Tools: Screen Recording, Properties

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