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In this project, a member of the iteach program is working in a small group setting with fifth grade students to create an iMovie about nature. Because the iPad is portable and intuitive, elementary school students can easily display authentic learning using a median other than the traditional assessments used in the classroom. As seen in this short commercial, students are able to shoot video directly from the iPad and then edit that video instantly with the iPad app, iMovie. The students are collaboratively working to create a final product that can not only show their progression of knowledge, but can also give parents an idea of the learning taking place in the classroom.

Ideas for iMovie in the Classroom

  • Presentation tool for students to display knowledge on a particular subject through the use of video. Students could write a script, create characters, put together props, and film an original video presenting what they have learned.
  • As opposed to video, students could also put together a picture slideshow on any given concept. Students could then add voiceovers, creating captions for the pictures.
  • Teachers (or students) could create an iMovie video of the learning process to show parents the learning that is taking place in the classroom. For example, if students were working on the writing process the film could show prewriting with graphic organizers, students working collaboratively in groups or pairs talking about their ideas, the actual writing taking place, and the final product/presentation of material. These videos can be easily made by taking a few videos of students while they work.
  • Students could create book trailers with iMovie, using video to show knowledge about
    a story and entice classmates to read.
  • Student reflection tool that easily allows students to reflect on their work and save for
    portfolios or parent/ teacher conferences.


iComposeiOS Badgemultimedia Badge

In this commercial, a student is using Garageband to create music from his poetry. With Garageband, a student is able to create a final product that will not only show their progression and understanding of material, but will also impress parents, administrators, and their classmates. This Apple application allows students to easily create their own music, record their voice, and share their song to other students, parents, and teachers. As seen in the video, Garageband is both intuitive and enjoyable for students.

Ideas for Garageband in the Classroom

  • Presentation tool for students to present their information in an innovative way through the use of music.
  • Interviewing device to capture differing perspectives from classmates, teachers, family members, etc. For example, the iPad is a light, portable device that could be taken to interview a Holocaust surviver while studying the Holocaust. This gives students an easy way to conduct an interview and have an instant product.
  • Student Reader’s Theatre enhancing tool where students can not only record their voices, but can also manipulate their voices to sound like different characters.

These videos can be easily made by taking a few videos of students while they work.


iOS Badge


In this commercial, two iteach students are collaborating on a classroom lesson about stem and leaf plots via FaceTime. The iPad opens up the classroom to the outside world, allowing both the teacher and students to collaborate and learn from outside sources. In this particular example, two teachers are able to work together to plan for their students without having to physically be in the same room.

Ideas for Facetime in the Classroom

  • Teacher to teacher collaboration when planning or discussing lessons and the teaching profession.
  • Bringing in outside specialists or experts to speak to the class from all areas of the community, country, or world. For example, if students were studying Alaskan weather, they could FaceTime a meteorologist from that region to speak to the class and answer any questions the students may have.
  • Connecting to another classroom. Many times classrooms from different parts of the world work together by exchanging letters and writing pieces. FaceTime allows these classes to be connected one step further giving students the opportunity to speak directly to one another. By doing this, students will be able to experience a new culture instead of simply study it.
  • Students could experience virtual tours in the comfort of their own classrooms.



iOS Badge iPublish

In this commercial, a student is using the App, ComicLife, to show his understanding of dialogue in a piece of writing. There are numerous uses for ComicLife in the classroom that equip students to create more meaningful writing. This application gives students the opportunity to express their creativity through the use of both images and writing to tell their story.

Ideas for ComicLife in the Classroom

  • Presentation tool for students to present their information in an innovative and new way through the use of comics.
  • Students could make comics to show their knowledge of:
    • Dialogue punctuation
    • Step by step instructions
    • Sequencing of events
    • Storytelling
    • Timelines
    • Onomatopoeias
    • Pre-Writing tool for students to effectively plan their writing and begin story dialogue.


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