iTeach Initiative

Living and learning in the digital age requires informed, innovative teachers. The iteach initiative is a program resulting in a special designation that recognizes preservice teachers for their engagement in intensive preparation with digital technologies. The College of Education fosters a dynamic pedagogy that celebrates the creative potential of 21st century learners in which the classroom becomes a site of active learning and thinking, fostered by the rich technological resources available.


All professional development opportunities will be project based sessions including discussions for using in the classroom. Potential iteach students will choose a learning track; each Learning track consists of 4-6 hours of hands on learning and collaboration with iteach fellows, mentors, and other iteach students. Learning tracks are divided into 1.5 hour hands-on, collaborative sessions. Besides being a requirement for the iteach learning, each learning track will be designed to provide you the knowledge necessary to be prepared to take the teacher certification exams in their respective areas. Every iteach student will have to build a portfolio to display their newly acquired skills and provide a visual showcase to potential employers.


iteach initiation

Each iteach student will be required to attend the initial meeting session to learn about the goals and objectives of the program. They will also learn about the iteach portfolio process and how to better present their work to potential employers.


Being More Productive with iteach

Computers help you be more productive in the classroom. In this learning track you will expand your knowledge and use of many products you think you already know. With the proliferation of mobile devices among students, you will learn how to use these products to create materials that are more interactive and engaging. The advanced skills learned in this learning track will also teach you how to become more productive while saving you time with daily tasks.

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